Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has come a long way with the advent of apps and smartphone access. Advanced Protection Systems offers full installation and service on for:

Site Surveillance

Whether it is your establishment, a construction site or home, site surveillance can play an important part in protecting your assets and employees. We have discreet solutions or systems designed to visible deterrent. Surveillance cameras provide you with peace of mind. Advanced Protection System’s range of solutions includes outdoor security cameras, WIFI and cameras with pan and tilt functions with remote control.

POS Integration (Retail Solutions)

Discreet CCTV systems can integrate directly with each Point of Sale (POS) terminal. This allows for streaming video and a visual for transaction recall.  This service can validate employee interactions and gives your customers additional reassurance.

Digital Video Recording

Our Digital Video recording (DVR) systems give you unsurpassed quality and performance.  With state- of-the-art technology, you can view a remarkably clear feed remotely from a PC or smartphone. We ensure that we match the proper system for your application and our professional sales team will be able to guide you in complete system selection.


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