5 Key Advanced Fire Protection Services for Business

April 24, 2017

Fire is one of the most dangerous and destructive disasters out there endangering business today, which is why advanced fire protection services are so important. Not only can a fire be deadly, but it can also do irreparable damage to property that can force a business to close its doors forever.

Business owners who hire top quality UL Central Station Monitoring services with fire alarm protection get more than just state of the art technology, UL certified service, and advanced protection. They also get peace of mind that their employees and property are being carefully guarded. These five crucial options included in advanced fire protection services are some of the best ways to keep a business safe from the dangers of fire.

Need a Reason to Invest in a Fire Protection Service? How About 5?

You’ve invested a lot of time and money building a business. There are a whole host of reasons to invest in a professional quality fire protection and monitoring service.

1. Fire Alarm Design Services

While a standard fire alarm system can do an adequate job protecting a business, it’s even better to have a system that is specifically designed with a unique business in mind. An expert can come out to evaluate the building to identify what kind of system will work best and where the different alarm inputs and equipment will be most effective. It’s important to make sure that technicians are NICET certified to work with fire alarm systems, to make sure they understand the best standards and techniques.

2. Fire Alarm Installation

Once a business has a uniquely designed fire alarm system designed for their building, the next step is to have it installed. Even if the system is a general one rather than one that is uniquely designed, installation can still be provided by an advanced fire protection services provider. Properly trained and certified providers like those at Advanced Protection Services can install and service most fire alarm brands to keep businesses safe.

3. Fire Alarm Inspection

Many businesses take over a building with an existing fire alarm system, and it’s important to have this system inspected as soon as possible for safety. Many times the system age or maintenance schedule prior to the new business owner’s takeover is vague or unknown, so having a certified inspector come check things out guarantees that the system is in working order and the building is safe.

4. Regular Fire Alarm Maintenance Services

A fire alarm system must be inspected and maintained regularly to keep everything in working order. As these alarm systems age they can experience component failures that make them unsafe, but regular maintenance will keep them clean and provide advance warning if a part is going out. This maintenance is an important part of comprehensive advanced fire protection services.

5. Fire Alarm Monitoring

Having a trained professional monitoring a business fire alarm system is the best way to guard against the hazards of fire. UL Central Station Monitoring services often incorporate the fire alarm system, so if a fire alarm goes off a live person can see what the trouble is and notify the proper authorities in an emergency.

Have More Questions? We Have Answers

For more important information about advanced fire protection services, or to set up a consultation to learn about protecting a business from fire, contact our team at Advanced Protection Systems today.